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Post Guide & Fee (17/10/2020 updated)

  1. Parcel Order Date:

 After a successful order, you will receive a confirmation email.  “Parcel Order Date” is per date of this email.

  1. Parcel Posting Date:

No posting on Friday, Saturdays, Sundays or any UK public holidays (postpone to next earliest working day)

For parcels without frozen products:

 Parcel Posting day will be on next working day (Monday - Thursday).

For parcels including frozen products:-

 Parcel Posting day will be every Monday (for UK posting days will be Monday & Tuesday).

(*Frozen products are only limited to below countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands & Germany. )

Once parcels are posted, an email will be sent to you on same day for confirmation with Parcel Tracking Number.  Please add our email address immediately into your Email Address Book save it being dumped into Junk Mail.

 Email address will be: Taiwanesefooduk@gmail.com.

 Sender will be: Taiwanese Food


  1. Parcel Delivery date:

.Normally, no deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays.

The delivery time will normally be between 08:30 till 17:30 hoursPlease ensure you have someone at your delivery address to receive and acknowledged receipt.  If you are working from Monday to Friday, you can have the delivery address be your office address.

Below are the standard number of days take to deliver to respective countries (Saturdays & Sundays not counted and excluding the day of posting) .  According to our experience, majority of the parcels arrive on time, however, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, as it also depends on the efficiency of local postal services, as well as weather or unforeseen circumstances, please do understand and bear with us that happens out of our control.

“Table of Standard days needed for delivery”.


  1. Postage Tariff for Respective Countries (2020 Rate)


  1. Ways to contact us

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via :-

.Mobile: +44 7771 392349

.Email: Taiwanesefooduk@gmail.com


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